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Wip #demon #painting

Wip #demon #painting

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If I could stop having an anxiety/panic attack for no reason… that would be great.



Dear Citizens of Internetville,

The Doodle Quest Kickstarter is now live! If you have enjoyed looking at my drawings as much as I have loved making them, perhaps you would like them on your shelf at home.

I’d love to have your help in making this book. Please consider reblogging to spread the word, and take luck on your journey!

I usually only post my work on this tumblr, but i think this is important.

Like, super important

easily one of the best kickstarter pitch videos I have seen

when i assign a tonne of homework at the last minute






When a student asks if they have done enough work on their art project



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I give the best intro assignments

I give the best intro assignments

Look what I picked up today #adventuretime

Look what I picked up today #adventuretime

went and looked up some old work….. i am cringing with how painful it is. I might redo some for a tbt sometime.

A new possible sticker

A new possible sticker

advice for creative students

Stop worshiping people. I am mainly talking about artists, but it could be writers, singers, actors or what ever your personal passion is. They may be good at what they do, but it doesn’t mean anything. Learn from them what you can and do nothing else. They are just people and people can be awful. 

Don’t believe everything your instructors tell you. Don’t believe what they are teaching you is the best way to do something, or the only way. Question everything you’re taught and look for different ways by different people. Most instructors teach what is good for them, it might not be good for you.

Realize no matter how good you are you still suck and need to improve. Don’t walk around like you are the king of the critique because 4 years from now you will look back and see how bad your work really was.

Don’t think your medium, major, art form, or method makes your work or you better than anyone else. You just look like a prick.

Lose your ego. Kill it, leave it behind, throw it away. Your ego lies to you, it makes you defensive, makes you think ‘they just don’t like me’ or ‘they are out to get me’. 

Don’t be a perfectionist. Perfectionism stems from a fear of being judged, not a need to be perfect. Perfect is boring, perfect is fake, perfect is impossible. Your work needs constant improvement so you can’t be perfect anyway.

No critique is harsh. I don’t care if your whole piece gets ripped apart and you need to redo everything. There is a reason you were critiqued so harshly, learn from it.

Not every instructor is fair. There are shitty instructors out there. They will play favorites, hate certain kinds of work, be complete pieces of shit. But if you can’t handle a shitty teacher or a shitty class then you are going to have  a hard time with life. You will have shitty bosses, coworkers,art directors, and clients. If you can’t deal with an instructor in college how in the hell are you going to deal with someone who owes you money?

Do your work. There is a lot of time in a day, week, month and no matter how much work you have, there is time to get it done. Procrastination is your enemy, but if you can’t over come it, get smart about it and learn to work quickly.

Rinko Kikuchi should play the lead in a ghost in the shell movie, not scarlett johanson…

my kind of pep talk

this is exactly how I would give a graduation speech

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I fell off of inktober cause shit got busy and I really lack any sort of guilt. But maybe I will try to catch up!

All of my students: You are such a Nerd…

Me: YUP!

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