I dress really nice when I have to do social things to over compensate for the fact I do not want to do those social things.. at all..

Yo, where are all the illustrators and nerds in Philadelphia at? We should hang out and be socially awkward and what not. 

"Who’s your favorite video game character" asked no one

"Ayla" I responded to the empty room

Our inner selves coming through, I am on the left, Caleb (http://calebdwood.tumblr.com/) is on the right. I don’t care that it isn’t Thursday

Our inner selves coming through, I am on the left, Caleb (http://calebdwood.tumblr.com/) is on the right. I don’t care that it isn’t Thursday

Start playing bravely default to pass some time, 6 hours later… when did it get dark!?

Style and Consistency: It doesn’t matter as much as you’ve been told

I talked to a very worried student today who was afraid that she would never make it after graduating because she liked doing too many things. She was afraid that if she didn’t have a set style in a set medium and wasn’t ‘consistent’ that no one would hire her. I told her not to worry and here is my take on that whole line of bullshit some teachers spout. Fuck that noise. Seriously, that’s it. Some people have a set style and a set medium and they are incredible at it, which is good for them, but that isn’t going to be good for everyone. Other artists (myself included) can’t stick to one way of doing things or one method forever. We need to try new things, new approaches, new mediums, new styles because that’s what we find fun and exciting about the art making process and we should be allowed to do so without this idea that if we don’t develop a ridged style approach we are doomed to be unemployable (especially if you are a student). I also don’t believe that if you have more than one style or way of working that you need to make a portfolio for every kind of art you do. Put it all in there. If all the work is on the same level and it is professional it doesn’t matter that it is different, and in a lot of cases it will make you more employable. Why would a studio hire someone who can only do one kind of art one way when for the same amount of money they can hire an artist who can do several styles and mediums, more bang for their buck right? Hell, a lot of studios need you to work in their set style for that set project and  a completely different style to meet the needs of a different project, but if you aren’t flexible and can only work one way, your out. I used Joy Ang as an example today, her work is amazing but she can go from doing super detailed paintings to cute gauche paintings and even character designs for Adventure Time and it is all good. Joy Angs personal aesthetics come through in her work through her use of color and visual vocabulary no matter what style or medium she works in and I think that is true with anyone who explores different methods and styles. Your voice will come through because you are the one making the work and your personal interests will tie it all together. So don’t worry if you have art ADHD just keep plugging away and making all the work AMAZING and you will be fine. On a side note if you do have lots of interests but all the work is poor, then you need to step it up a bit.

My cintiq survived the trip, which is good as it is the only thing I own of value. But I am not even close to done unpacking and re assembling my furniture. Is it the weekend yet?

checking my tumblr while my  mom is sitting behind me…. I either have no shame or I like to live dangerously 

Hlaf way to Philly, stuck in indiana for the night. OMG so many tumblr posts I will never see cause they are too far down my dash. If I normally like your stuff just know I still like it if i missed it.

When my teacher friends mention happy hour on Friday afternoons


I’m like:


I begin the great migration to Philadelphia tomorrow, which means I have to disassemble my computer tonight… I will have to go 4 days with out it… I may have violent withdrawals. All my nourishment comes from its glowing screens.

I am a very pessimistic person. all of my friends wish me good fortune and tell me how happy i will be some day and I laugh and disregard all of it. I never believe them and only assume the worst. 

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me aswell

me aswell

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