When older teachers criticize younger students/generations I am always tempted to say “Your generation single-handedly fucked everything up, from the economy to the environment, and are leaving them with the mess, so maybe you should be quiet now.” But then I might be seen as unfriendly… 

how most of my lessons go


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I think there needs to be a class called “History of Modern Art for Illustrators, Comic Artists, and Animators” that is taught in a way that illustration and animation students can understand or at he very least appreciate. In my experience students in the commercial arts programs traditionally hate modern art. It is nonrepresentational, lacks a narrative, and is seen as lazy or cheap by students who spend their time drawing figures and laying out narrative. And I don’t blame them. A solid color canvas that takes an hour to paint and sells for thousands seems, well it seems stupid when you spend hours and hours trying to prefect your style, medium, narrative, figure, back grounds modeling, animating, ect. However, if a teacher can approach it from a different perspective to show how modern and post modern movements have effected illustration and animation. How these movements can teach illustrators and animators how to consider shape and color in their purist forms and inform their own illustrations. Then illustrators and animators wouldn’t complain, bitch, and moan about their modern art history courses.

They see it as not being relevant to them, and so they don’t attempt to understand it or think about it. Any student who thinks they are paying a lot of money for a class that isn’t relevant to them is going to shut down, be pissy, and not learn.

I also think Fine Arts/Modern Arts professors need to stop looking down their nose at the commercial arts. I am not saying all of them do, but I haven’t encountered many who respect the commercial arts. I don’t care if you like it, just show some respect and interest in your students who don’t do what you do. It will go a long way.

(BTW all art is Commercial art if you sell it)

((If you teach Modern Art History for the love of god know what you are talking about and be able to defend and demonstrate why the movements are important, cause if you can’t back it up it only pisses off students))

15 tweets

I had a student who was complaining about having to write a 1000 word essay for their history course and I said “Oh come one that’s not bad… that’s like 15 tweets”  and I made myself sad….

Write me a TBH (To be Honest), stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me.



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Today on the way home from work I saw a dog being walked, and the dog had a giant stuffed animal in it’s mouth, presumably his favorite toy, and he was content to walk down the sidewalk with his favorite toy. Now I want a dog…

The American Enterprise Institute just put out a video claiming there are no gender issues in video games or the video game industry.

Before some people go shouting and yelling about how they are right you should know that the AEI is a hyper conservative think tank (super republican) even if they don’t brand themselves as such, they are responsible for many of the neo conservative policies of the 2nd bush term. 

Just saying, we all know how much republicans love women, right? So they would be super honest about women’s issues in Video Games.  Cause republicans are all for equality of all kinds!

If there are Hardcore gamers, does that mean that there are  softcore gamers? Do they only see simulated game play and there are no close ups on naughty parts of the game? Do they not get to see the score at the end of the game, it is just implied?

when you meet someone who shares some of the fandoms you do and isn’t an asshole about them.

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I haven’t drawn or painted in weeks… I am ashamed.

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there is a mouse or rat in my kitchen, I can here it behind the dishwasher. It better just fucking mosey on somewhere else cause if I see it it’s fucking dead. And now I can’t go to sleep. 

My parent’s cat torments their dog all the time. So much so that their dog is terrified of corners and boxes cause, you know, there might be a 15 pound cat there waiting to get you. So you would think that the cat HATES the dog. However if their dog  makes distressed noises that cat is in full “don’t you fucking touch my friend” mode and I have seen it fuck peoples arms up. The dog sees another dog in the yard and starts freaking out, you try and pick the dog up to calm it down, but the dog yelps, and in comes 15 pounds of fury terror to fuck you up.

I can relate to that kind of mentality hahahaha

There are real people… REAL PEOPLE who believe the world is flat.

1 in 4 Americans (26% who were given a survey) believe the sun rotates around the earth.

There are still people who don’t believe evolution is a fact.

All I am saying is that maybe… just maybe, everyone’s vote shouldn’t matter.


If you are a teacher, stop teaching students how to do it the old way or the hard way first JUST FUCKING STOP! There is absolutely no point in it. The students don’t get anything from it, because the moment you show them the easy/better way  that is all they are going to use and remember. STOP WASTING TIME just cause it’s not the way your comfortable doing things or because you don’t want to learn something new or “well that’s the way I learned so that’s the way they should learn too”. Fuck that noise. And if you are a luddite then just get the fuck out, go home, seriously, you’re done.

It’s called progress, get the fuck on board.

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I use to work at a for profit school and I have to say they are the WORST! They prey on veterans and the under privileged. They cost as much as a private school but for every teacher like me who actually tried there are 20 who don’t give a fuck and just collect a paycheck or are under qualified because for profit schools pay their educators shit and only offer part time. Go to a state school, go to a community college, go to a non profit trade school if you can. If you are an artist spend a year making a solid portfolio and apply to an art school or an art program at  a state school.  

If a school is beholden to share holders then they don’t give a shit about your education, just if your check clears.